Where Justice and Mercy Meet

Lauren B
Elk Rapids, MI, USA
August, 1994

“…and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” – WHAT?!? As my dad read aloud from the Bible, my 5yr-old heart was convicted of my sin, and with tears and trembling, I asked my parents what I could do. – I learned that no act of my own could pay my fine, but that Christ had offered His blood for mine! Since then He has patiently, lovingly chiseled at this heart. He has healed me (miraculously. instantly.) He has opened doors that should have been shut and chastened me as a Father ought. – His mercies have been new every morning! He has graciously lead me to serve Him in Taiwan and, Lord willing, while my earthly location may change, my purpose to glorify my Savior with this life never shall! I can think of no higher honor than to tell others that, through Jesus Christ, chains are broken, captives are set free, our curse is lifted, and we who were once blind may finally see. All Praise to the Lion and the Lamb… {where justice and mercy meet} – Revelation 5

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