The Penetrating Truth

Jesher Loi

I was born May, 1985 in the remoter part of South East Asia called Singapore. It is a tiny metropolitan island with a population of about 5 million. My parents met while attending Youth Groups at Church and so after becoming believers, they had me and sought to bring me up in a Christian environment. And that was how I was fed the bible – through pictures, comics and bedtime stories. The Bible was all I knew, the stories of Jesus, Daniel, David and Moses. It became part of my language and part of our conversation. I do not remember this but when I was young, my Mom would tell me that ‘Jesus is everywhere and He is watching and protecting you so you better behave.’ To that end, I had put one and one together and so one time I had to pick up the telephone and I greeted the caller with this message, ‘Good Morning, would you like to speak to Mommy, Jesus or me?’ At around 6 years old, I was sat down and the gospel explained clearly to me. The gospel of how I was a sinful person and how I needed Jesus. I needed to confess my sins so that Jesus could cleanse me of them so that if anything happened to me, I could go to heaven. That sounded simple enough and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

I continued with Sunday School and participated in numerous church activities, even trying to share about Jesus to my unbelieving school mates and relatives. I always thought I was saved and was actively participating in a community of believers and thought that should do the trick. However, the gospel never really sank in, nor the realities of Christ, the sacrifice He did for me and what it really meant to be a member of a heavenly Kingdom. It was only when I was 14 when out of the blue, I felt, as it were, a real physical weight on my shoulders. It was the burden and guilt of my past sin and sinful state. It was then that I was so thankful that I knew Who to turn to. I quietly went into my room, knelt down, and in my own simple words, confessed and committed my life to Christ. I felt refreshed, relieved of my burden and renewed. It was a tremendous opening of my heart. Ever since then, I have not looked back. The passions and joys of walking with Christ have been real and personal and they continue to resonate daily in my heart.

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