Our Greatest Hope and Love

Cristy Tometich
Chino Hills, California

There are so many stories in one’s life. Our greatest tragedy, our greatest failure, our greatest hope, our greatest love. However, I look at the world around me and see broken people with no hope and no love, simply begging for someone to care for their greatest tragedy and failure. Never having experienced true hope and love, they are stuck in their failing, tragic life. People wonder why I’m so happy and always smiling. I can tell you it’s always intentional. But perhaps it is the security I have in life despite all the instabilities in my life. A hope I can rest on. The story of how I came to know Jesus is perhaps different than stories you would expect to hear on a site like this but it is in fact a story of true hope.

Since the time I was born to the time I was 9 yrs. old, I lived in a foreign country. My family and I were missionaries in the great country of Mexico. I grew up in a great Christian home. My parents did a great job at raising up their children in The Lord. We were always doing ministry. Though I don’t remember the day, I asked Jesus to come into my heart at the age of 4. Since the time I was little I had a desire to tell others about God. When we moved to California we would do Missions trips all the time and I would plan a lot of the kids programs. I was 10-11 years old thinking I had a heart for ministry when I truly didn’t even know what it was. In every “church kid’s” life there has to be a point of choosing. You can’t simply just grow up in church and be saved. There has to be a time in your life you truly chose to follow Christ. A time when you are old enough to admit your failures and commit your ways. I clearly remember the day I began to pursue a relationship with God. I was young; only 11 yrs. old. But I was old enough to recognize that I simply didn’t have a hunger for The Lord. His word bored me. I wanted it to be real, to be powerful. On New Year’s Eve I simply asked God to become real in my life and to give me a hunger for his word. Our gracious God responds to a request like this all we truly have to do is ask. This marked the beginning of a true relationship with my Savior.

I can’t say I’ve always been faithful through the years but I do rest in the truth of God’s enduring faithfulness. Looking back, as I’ve grown in my relationship with Christ, I realize how little it has to do with my accomplishments or my failures and much more to do with what Christ has done on the cross. I recently heard a pastor speak on how we let our practice define us rather than our position in Christ. I realize that everything I’ve done is not to be counted but rather what Christ has done on the cross.

This past summer God placed me in the great big state of Texas. I was so happy to find so many Christians here. However my heart truly broke when I realized lots of them didn’t have a relationship with God. He was more like a good feeling idea rather than the ruler of our hearts. The idea that people walk in their sin and are STILL hopeless and guilty while thinking that Jesus has nothing to do with it breaks me. I’ve realized that it’s not just Texas but rather America. We’ve allowed ourselves to be consumed with ourselves rather than God and then base our relationship with him on our Facebook and Twitter posts rather than the authenticity of our hearts. My prayer for you is to simply reevaluate your heart and not assume you’re saved simply because you’ve grown up in church. We ourselves know best if we have a relationship with our Creator by the condition of our heart. Jesus died to take the punishment for your sin so that you could have complete access to God’s presence, a true relationship with him. Don’t miss out! Repent and with a needy heart simply ask God. For he is our greatest hope and our greatest love.

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