No More Regrets!

Shayna Anderson
Camarillo, CA
June 1996

Growing up in a Jewish home, I heard that, “As sons and daughters of Abraham, we follow the Ten Commandments, so we are good with God. Just be sure to live your life without regrets.” Well, when I was 19, I did something I regretted! When I asked my mom how God would forgive me for breaking the Ten Commandments, she truly had no answer. One year later, I met a man who, with his family, shared the Gospel with me. Because I was dating him, I decided to go somewhere independent of him to ask someone my questions. I remember the day I believed on the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of my sinfulness. I found a church and asked, “How can Jesus be 100% God and 100% man?” Pastor Ralph Rittenhouse shared the Gospel with me. And when he asked me if I believed that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, I said yes, and believed that Jesus is Who He says He is. While I highly discourage missionary dating, in my case, God used it for my salvation. And that man became my husband nearly 2 years later.

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