It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yes! It’s is the most wonderful time of the year but no it’s not Christmas! I know this is usually associated with the wonderful Christmas season where we celebrate the birth of our Savior-Jesus; the birth of Life himself. Easter comes around and we now not only celebrate Life himself but the birth of Eternal life for all who will receive it! It is the other half of Christmas; it is how the Christmas story ends-in victory!

Last year My wife and I listened to these mini sermons by Dunn and Wilt (the album can be downloaded or FREE at the link below) one for each of day of the week leading up to Easter Morning. It did us some good. The writers really focused on the meaning of Easter and what sort of heart responses we ought to have and therefore prepare for.

This Easter we are doing the same, starting with Palm Sunday (March 29th 2015) through Easter Sunday (April 5th 2015) we are ushering in the King of glory into our home and minds and hearts. We want to share this with you so you too can take the time to do the same in your homes this week. Enjoy!

Long live the King of Kings!

<a title=”Dunn and Wilt: A Well Worn Path: Easter” href=””> </a>

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