God is in Control

Danillo Santos
Clinton, Mississippi
Date Unknown

My parents were incredibly formative in leading me to Jesus through their testimony. I can still say to this day they are the greatest example of Christian faith in my life. My father is a Presbyterian pastor in Brazil, and both him and my mother taught me to read before I went to school so I could read the Bible. I first heard the gospel from them as a young child, and as they taught me to read the Bible on my own, I grew gradually convinced of my own sinfulness and need for Christ.

Nonetheless, none of it descended from my head to my heart until one day, when I was singing a song (as part of a cantata) that said “God is in control,” the Lord finally moved my heart to Himself. At that moment, I remember thinking, even as I was singing, if I really believed that “God is in control” – did I really believe he was who he said he was and that I needed him? My thoughts probably weren’t THAT well-formed (seeing that I was only eight years old or so), but I remember in that moment feeling an irresistible call to serve God with my entire life. It’s been a pretty crazy journey since then, but I look forward to experiencing more of God’s loving and sovereign control in my life!

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