Continuous Grace and Love

Daniel Downard
Middleburg, Florida

I don’t remember the exact date that I first heard or first believed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I grew up in a Christian home by two amazing parents and am so thankful for their direction in my life. I guess I was probably about 8 when I remember my Mom talking to me more about Jesus and asking Him to be my savior. I honestly didn’t know a whole lot then, but do remember knowing right from wrong. That day sitting on my bed I asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life. I honestly don’t remember a whole lot between then and the age of 12. But around 12 years old I began to have a hunger to know God. I began to read the Bible and the Lord began to convict me of many areas of my life. I feel like during this time I began to have a much better understanding of what salvation meant and what Jesus did for me. I’m so grateful for His continuous grace and love in my life. He is so good! I’m glad I get to continue to grow in my relationship with Him and can’t wait to see Him face to face. Come Lord Jesus, Come!

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