By way of an analogy

Katie Masiko
Lake Arrowhead, California

When I was 8 years old in Sunday School I first heard about Jesus. We were asked if any of the children would like to go to a class about baptism. I wanted to know what it was so I went. In the class the teacher gave each of us a little book. On the first page it showed how God had created us and loves us. On the next page it showed how people had sinned against God so we could no longer have a relationship with Him. It showed God on one side of a cliff and a person on the other side with a valley in between them. When I saw this I was so sad because I knew I had done wrong things and I couldn’t get to God.

On the next page there was a cross laid down on its side connecting the two cliffs. The teacher explained that Jesus had died for my sin so I could now have a relationship with God. All I needed to do was ask Him to forgive my sin and be my best friend. I was so excited that I could now know God! So that day I prayed with the class and believed in Jesus. The next Sunday I was baptized.

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