A Missionary’s Legacy

Philippe Viguier
Quebec, Canada

My name is Philippe Viguier. By God’s grace, I come from a lineage of people who have followed and served the Lord. My great-great-grand father was a missionary. My great-grand-father was a missionary. My grand-father was a missionary. My parents are missionaries. My wife and I are going to France shortly as missionaries. I was born in a family that served the Lord. My dad, French, and my mom, American, moved to Quebec, Canada as soon as they got married to go and minister, leaving everything behind with only 23 cents in their bank account. Their faith and their prayers have carried me through to this day. Not only did I heard the good news of the gospel constantly, but their lives were also godly examples of God’s constant transforming grace. They lived by faith, never having a stable income, but putting the Lord first through any trial, even as they raised six children. Often, when I would wake up early in the morning or in the night, I would find my father on his knees praying in the living room, often weeping for lost souls. Some other times, it would be my mother that I would find, praying for hours for countless people.

I was three years old when my mother took my aside to share to me the gospel. By then, I already knew I was a sinner. She explained to me that I needed Jesus Christ to be saved from the consequence of my sins, hell and separation from God. Even to my young mind, it all made sense. I needed Christ and I needed the cross. That’s how I heard. I never remember not having a personal relationship with God, or not having a burden for people who did not know Him.

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