A little about us…

My wife and I are so thrilled that you are here on our site! Its been a few months since the this website was birthed as an idea and we have been eagerly working and preparing for its launch which is coming up very soon!

The idea for this website came from a conversation we had with one of our church friends about her experience sharing the love of God with her unbelieving friend and how the hope and truth in the Gospel really shone through to her friend. Listening to her story reminded us of our own stories and the excitement that followed us as new believers. More than that, it reminded us of the stories we heard of missionaries both near and far, of their tales of redemption, of redemption in our own homes amongst our own family and friends, of the weird stories that are so ridiculous they had to be miracles and of the more expected ones that remind us that God is in the details.

These stories inspired us to want to hear more stories like them and share in the joy and faith that they elicit. We wanted for sleep imagining what stories were out there of miracles that were happening in distant lands, of missionary stories in Asia and churches meetings in Africa, of revivals in South America and outreaches in the North Americas, of rich and poor and young and old all hearing and believing on Jesus for their redemption! It was a sweet thought and we were not about to have it dwindle away. So we decided to create a platform to share and hear these stories of hope and grace and salvation!

We hope you can share your own story with us and come often to read the stories of others as they tell of the amazing grace that saves us; wretches as we are and makes us sons and daughters of the Most High!

“and they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony… “Revelation 12:11

In Him,
Josh and Katie